Monday, March 11, 2013

March 11, 2013

Not much going on at our place to tell you about. Just life going on as usual. Our grandson Jake left for the Navy and the only thing they have heard from him is that they got a box of his clothes sent home with a note in it telling them that his graduation from boot camp will be on April 26th. So that's all we know. I really miss him and have been saying a prayer for him every day. I hope he's doing well and hope he's not too home sick. I'm hoping they are keeping him too busy for him to get home sick. I'm hoping he's making friends and enjoying it as much as one can enjoy boot camp. I hear it's pretty hard, pretty physical, really tiring. I got confidence in Jake and know he will do well. Just knowing he's gone, I really miss him, but we are so proud of him. Rosie is really doing good. She has stopped jumping up on people since we started using a small mixture of water and Listerine and we spray it on her if she starts to jump on anyone or anything and she stops in her tracks. If she just sees the bottle she backs off. Sometimes we just mention getting the bottle to spray her and she backs off. It's really made a difference with her. I sure wish someone would have told us about it sooner. When the doorbell rings now I stand at the door with the spray bottle in my hand and she backs off and a person can come in and not get jumped on. It's great. Can't wait for some nice weather so I can get out and start walking around the neighborhood. I really miss do that.


Lois Lentz said...

So good to hear you found a way to get Rosie to do what you want her to. I love the pictures I have seen of her in the cute. I bet she is a lot bigger now. Good to see a blog from you.

jeremy said...

At least you're safe and at home. Take care always.

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