Saturday, May 17, 2014

Saturday May 17, 2014

Can't remember the last time I posted but here I am and not much to say really.  That's why I don't post much.  I'm not very good with words and can't come up with what to write.  We live a very quiet and usually a very sort of dull life.  We really don't do much.  Well this morning Terry woke up and felt like cooking so we text our  kids kids across the street and said anyone interested in breakfast ii will be served at 11am. Well one was still sleeping and didn't want to get up and 2 were gone to a basketball tournament down in Lexington so that only left our daughter Patti and one son, Tyler and they came over.  Terry fixed pancakes, sausage and omelets and they loved it.  Terry does this every once in awhile.  Usually more that 2 come over though.  They call him the Cracker Barrell.  Sometimes he does it for dinner too.  They really enjoy it and we do too.

We usually take our grandchildren out to dinner for their birthdays and we are 2 behind.  Well I finally got hold of 1 of them today and we are set up for next Thursday.  Now I just have to get hold of the other one. Sometimes it hard to get together with them.  They have such busy schedules.  We really enjoy doing this. It's fun having each kid one on one to talk too.  Only they are all not kids any more.  The oldest is 22 now and with ll of them and the youngest is 8 now.  

We had to get a new computer not to long ago and I'm not to savvy with them or it.  We had a friend come over and install it for us and I am very self conscience and scared about downloading anything on it and it seems like it is forever asking me to download stuff, but I don't do it.  I hope I'm doing the right thing by not downloading things.  I'm so afraid of getting a virus or something.

Well, till next time.  Take care, and God Bless.  Judy


Monday, October 14, 2013

October 14, 2013

Well it's been awhile since I've posted but not much as happened.   I have been having some problems with my right leg which is my weak leg from my MS and I had and short version of an EMG last week but he didn't find anything worth while.  I'm having and MRI this Friday and I have this feeling that they are not going to find anything with that either.  I personally think I just plain need to get up and move around more, that I am to seditary and don't get enough exercise. I do know I have arthritus in my hip too that bothers me. I've been trying to get out and walk more since the weather has been so nice and it has seemed to help with the pain in my ankle and my leg.  It is not as bad as it was so maybe that is all I need.  I've even been going down in our basement and using my exercise bike a few days a week too.  So I guess this has all helped, because I am not having the pain that I was having before.    So, I guess the saying is true, use it or lose it.  But I didn't think it meant that you would get pain and I was getting bad pain in my ankle and then on up my leg.  Now I am only having mild pain in my theigh and my butt area. Have been having more trouble with my balance than ususal too and seem to be falling a lot more than usual too.
Other than that we have been kept busy with the grandkids.  They have been having football games which we havn't been going to very many  because it's not pleasant to have to sit on cement bleachers for a few hours, or even if we sit on a stadium seat.  So we've been very picky about which games we go too.  We try to go to at least one game for each of them instead of all their games this year.  They have been very understanding but I do miss going and seeing them play.  One grandson that is away to college gets to come home this weekend and we are anxious to see him.  Some of his buddies that are also away at college are also coming home too and one of the parents are having a party and we are invited and that should be fun.  We really miss him.  He is a great kid that use to come over and just sit and talk to us once and a while and we really miss that. 

Not much else going on.  Loving this fall type weather were I can get out and walk a bit.   Take care all.

Monday, July 29, 2013

July 29,2013

I'm really down today as my daughter told me yesterday the she and her husband are going to be getting a divorce. They almost did about a year or so ago. She even filed papers and then they worked it out through counseling and gave it a try but deep down I guess I knew it would never work out, that things would never change between them, but I could always hope. But I guess it's just not going to work out. I feel for all of them expecially for the 3 kids. The oldest is leaving next Tuesday to go to College and the other two, are 15 and 13. One a sophmore and the other one is the eighth grade. I think they saw it comming and weren't to surprised when they were told. It's still going to be hard on them. It's going to be a long time in the making or a long drawn out process so I'm not sure what to expect. Time will tell. I dread this process. I haven't been feeling the best in the world to start with and I'm sure the stress from this isn't going to help my MS. My legs are already wobbly and I've been trying to walk as much as I can to get some strength into them and I will keep trying to do that. I didn't feel like going out to dinner tonight with our policeman friends, but Terry said we should go anyway to get out of the house and I guess he's right. If we stay home we will just sit around and mope and think about it so I guess we will go anyway and share our bad mood with them. Won't that be nice of us. lol

Monday, July 15, 2013

Monday July 15, 2013

I haven't written anything in quit awhile so I thought I'd let you know I'm still around. Haven't been feeling the best lately so I thought I'd write it down. I first thought it was my back but now I realize its my hip that's bothering me. The doctor gave me some shots in my back twice and it made my back feel better but my hip is still bothering me so now I realize it's my hiip that is the center of my pain. I knew that I've had some bulging disk's in my back for years so I thought that was the center of my problem but when the back got better and the hip is still bothering me I now know it's the hip. I live a pretty cendintary life style so I know I need to get myself up and moving. So I've started walking and forcing myself to get up and get some exercise to loosen up to see it this might help me. I know that my sitting around is not good for me, I need to get up and move around. So I'm trying and hoping this might help me. Not much has been going on around here, first we get lots of rain and now it's in the 90's and hot. This weather just can't make up it's mind. Our dog Rosie is doing just fine we just love her to death. We bought her a small plastic swimimg pool for when it gets hot and she gets in it and just walks around, she doesn't really lay down yet. but I think she might. She plays with some toys. We did have a nice surprise last weekend on the July 4th weekend. We were talking to our grandson who is in the Navy on the phone and the door bell rang and Terry told him sorry but he had to go and answer the door but we will call him back and he went to the door and here it was him at the door home from the Navy to surprise us. We just about fell over. We were so shocked and so glad to see him. It was a wonderful surprise!! So we got to spend to whole day with him. It was great!!! It was the greatest surprise I think I've ever had!!! We sure enjoyed our day with Jake!! His Mom and Dad and whole family had just left to go on vacation so we got to spend the whole day with him. It was wonderful!! Hope all is well with everyone. Have a nice summer!!

Monday, March 25, 2013

March 25th

Spring where are you? I think everyone is beginning to wonder if it's ever going to get here. I know I sure am. I'm sick of this cold damp weather. Snow even. Come on, we need some sun shine, please!! I really think we are sick of this. I'll take 50's and sunny, even 40's. Well we are leaving for Florida the day after Easter, and you just watch while we are gone we will get our nice weather and then when we come back it will get cold again. It will be just our luck. We are going down to visit some friends that have been down there all winter and they said we could bring Rosie which should be interesting. I really don't think we will stay more than a week but we will see. They are in a big trailer so I just can't see us staying longer than that even though it's a big one. We've stayed with them before when they had a dog but it's been a few years back and I can't remember how that was so we shall see. We've been going to allot of basketball games. Our one grandson is playing on a special team that plays almost all summer and it's like all tournaments every weekend, which can really wear you out, but you do it out of love for the grandchild. He is a really good player and really loves the game. Three doors down from us, the house caught on fire on Friday night and burnt to the rafters and the foundation. A total loss. Their automobiles also. It must have started in the garage with a space heater and the two cars blew up and the rest of the house went so fast we couldn't believe it. You could see flames above it three houses away and some said they saw it three subdivisions away. Everyone got out OK except the dog and the firemen wouldn't let them go back in for the dog as things kept exploding. The only ones home at the time were the parents and the dog. The four kids were gone which was a blessing that they didn't see it happen. They had fire departments from four different places here and the fire plug is in front of our house. We are on the corner and they are three down from our back yard. It is so sad. The flames were so bad the it damaged the house next door to it too. But that house can be repaired, but they are out for awhile until they get fixed up. They lost their upstairs to fire and smoke and I'm sure it will take awhile for fixing and repair to that house, but at least it can be fixed. The other house is a complete loss. Even the house on the other side had their siding melt and are going to have to have that redone. The neighborhood and school have passed notes around asking for gift card and money and stuff for the families. They are going to need everything as they lost everything. My heart goes out to them. We will all do what we can I'm sure. I hope everyone opens their hearts and their wallets and gives. They are going to need it. I also hope they have good insurance so they can rebuild. God be with them.

Monday, March 11, 2013

March 11, 2013

Not much going on at our place to tell you about. Just life going on as usual. Our grandson Jake left for the Navy and the only thing they have heard from him is that they got a box of his clothes sent home with a note in it telling them that his graduation from boot camp will be on April 26th. So that's all we know. I really miss him and have been saying a prayer for him every day. I hope he's doing well and hope he's not too home sick. I'm hoping they are keeping him too busy for him to get home sick. I'm hoping he's making friends and enjoying it as much as one can enjoy boot camp. I hear it's pretty hard, pretty physical, really tiring. I got confidence in Jake and know he will do well. Just knowing he's gone, I really miss him, but we are so proud of him. Rosie is really doing good. She has stopped jumping up on people since we started using a small mixture of water and Listerine and we spray it on her if she starts to jump on anyone or anything and she stops in her tracks. If she just sees the bottle she backs off. Sometimes we just mention getting the bottle to spray her and she backs off. It's really made a difference with her. I sure wish someone would have told us about it sooner. When the doorbell rings now I stand at the door with the spray bottle in my hand and she backs off and a person can come in and not get jumped on. It's great. Can't wait for some nice weather so I can get out and start walking around the neighborhood. I really miss do that.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Monday Feb. 18th 2013 Well last week I went out to lunch with a few of the girls I went to High School with. We went to the Cheese Cake Factory. That's the first time I've been there. They have so much on there menu that is was very hard to choose what to have for lunch. I finally choose a burger, as I love burgers. It was very good. Then I had a piece of Raspberry Vanilla Cheesecake for dessert. Yummy was that good. Again they had so many to cheesecakes to choose from. One of the girls got a coupon on her receipt for $10.00 off the next time she comes so now she's wanting to go again. I said give me a month or two and then I might be ready to go again, cause it was really good, but a bit pricy. On Saturday our Son Michael and his Wife Kim had a surprise going away party for Jake, the one who is going in the Navy. They pulled it off to. He was totally surprised too. All his friends, and family and everyone were there and I've never seen so much food. There must have been 100 people there. My two cheese balls I made looked so small among all the rest of the food. It was all so delicious. They had it at a recreation center where the kids could play basketball or volleyball or even, I can't think of the name of the other game where you throw the sand bags into the wholes. You probably know what I mean. Even the adults were playing that. Anyway we had a great time there. I was supposed to go to a baby shower the next day but I was so exhausted that I just couldn't go, so I call and told them I couldn't make it. I felt bad but I just couldn't make it. Just too much in one weekend. Well take care. Hugs.