Monday, March 25, 2013

March 25th

Spring where are you? I think everyone is beginning to wonder if it's ever going to get here. I know I sure am. I'm sick of this cold damp weather. Snow even. Come on, we need some sun shine, please!! I really think we are sick of this. I'll take 50's and sunny, even 40's. Well we are leaving for Florida the day after Easter, and you just watch while we are gone we will get our nice weather and then when we come back it will get cold again. It will be just our luck. We are going down to visit some friends that have been down there all winter and they said we could bring Rosie which should be interesting. I really don't think we will stay more than a week but we will see. They are in a big trailer so I just can't see us staying longer than that even though it's a big one. We've stayed with them before when they had a dog but it's been a few years back and I can't remember how that was so we shall see. We've been going to allot of basketball games. Our one grandson is playing on a special team that plays almost all summer and it's like all tournaments every weekend, which can really wear you out, but you do it out of love for the grandchild. He is a really good player and really loves the game. Three doors down from us, the house caught on fire on Friday night and burnt to the rafters and the foundation. A total loss. Their automobiles also. It must have started in the garage with a space heater and the two cars blew up and the rest of the house went so fast we couldn't believe it. You could see flames above it three houses away and some said they saw it three subdivisions away. Everyone got out OK except the dog and the firemen wouldn't let them go back in for the dog as things kept exploding. The only ones home at the time were the parents and the dog. The four kids were gone which was a blessing that they didn't see it happen. They had fire departments from four different places here and the fire plug is in front of our house. We are on the corner and they are three down from our back yard. It is so sad. The flames were so bad the it damaged the house next door to it too. But that house can be repaired, but they are out for awhile until they get fixed up. They lost their upstairs to fire and smoke and I'm sure it will take awhile for fixing and repair to that house, but at least it can be fixed. The other house is a complete loss. Even the house on the other side had their siding melt and are going to have to have that redone. The neighborhood and school have passed notes around asking for gift card and money and stuff for the families. They are going to need everything as they lost everything. My heart goes out to them. We will all do what we can I'm sure. I hope everyone opens their hearts and their wallets and gives. They are going to need it. I also hope they have good insurance so they can rebuild. God be with them.

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Lois Lentz said...

What an awful thing to happen to the neighbor that lost their home to fire. I hate to hear of a thing like that. Yes...where is spring? We had a big snow to wake up to this morning. It is cold and nothing like I was looking forward to for Easter. Glad you are getting to go to Florida..enjoy!