Monday, September 24, 2012

September 24th

I finally remembered on a Monday that I'm supposed to blog. Aren't you proud of me Lois? Well lets see. Last week we didn't do much of anything as Terry's back was locked up on him from the week before and he was down for the count. It started loosening up bit by bit on Tuesday slow but sure and by Friday he felt good enough to go to one of our grandson's foot ball games. I didn't feel like going for some reason. I think I just felt too lazy really. Anyway he went and stood the whole game cause sitting on those bleacher for him is really not good. He brought home a winner too. He said it was a good game but that the coaching left a bit to be desired, which we've been told before. We've got stadium seats to take with us but if Terry uses them he doesn't feel like he can really lean back and put his full weight on them as he has broken one before, so that's why he is just more comfortable standing. Quite a few fellows stand for the whole game, so I'm sure he had someone to stand with. I'm back to my walking outside. I tried to walk Rosie but she is just too strong for me and she's fine until she sees someone or something and then she wants to pull away and I can't hold her and I've fallen twice now, so that's the end of my trying to walk her. If she gets walked, Terry is the one who is going to have to do it. I am smart enough that when I feel a fall coming on I head to the grass, and usually get a soft landing and I been very lucky not to hurt anything. Just a few bruises here and there. This week on Friday we have Grandparents day with 2 of our grand kids to go to. We've been to these before and the teachers show you around their rooms and the things that they have made and been working on and tell us what a good student they are and show us some of their work. It's kind of nice but it's well, I'd better not say. Have a nice week everyone and I hope this nice fall weather stays.

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Lo said...

Glad to see you blogging! I hate to nag so I have kept quiet about not seeing you here much :) I am glad to hear you haven't been hurt when you have taken a spill. I actually caught my foot on the carpet and fell in my bedroom and hit my leg on a night stand and probably bruised myself worse that you!! Keep exercising as you really makes a difference.