Wednesday, October 10, 2012

I don't believe it. I had a whole page typed out and I hit a key and the whole thing went puff and was gone. I don't even know what I hit. That was the longest blog I've ever written too. Lets see what did I tell you about. We went to 2 football games last weekend. One on Friday night, that got so cold and windy that we left a bit after half time. I was freezing. I couldn't believe it. Then on Saturday another grandson had a game and the weather was beautiful. This was a college game, Thomas Moore. The grandson Friday night won and the grandson on Saturday won too. After the game on Saturday our youngest grand daughter Olivia came home with us to spend the night. That was really nice except that our dog Rosie wouldn't leave her along. Rosie is a sweet heart but we have not been able to break her of jumping up on people. We're still working on it though. We don't get enough company. That is her only problem but Olivia handled her pretty well. After church the next morning we had to take Olivie home as her Mom was taking her with some neighbors to a pumpkin patch and Olivia wanted to go. It was nice though when we took her home we got to see the rest of the family, all expect one, which was nice, We always like seeing all the kids, only they really aren't kids any more, they are turning into men. They are all getting so big. The oldest is now 21. We went out to dinner last week with my sister and her hubby and their best friends that we know too. They came over here to a place they like that has the best fried chicken. It is so good. They serve it country style where you can have as much as you want, of the chicken, green beans, slaw, mashed potatoes, gravy, rolls, and drinks. It's really greats. Afterward they came back to our house for dessert and coffee. That made me get out my few Halloween decorations. I'm worried about my brother in-law! He has cancer and it's everywhere. In his lungs, his spine,hi hips, his larnex and his lymph nodes. They gave him 6 mos. to live. He found out when he went for his 6 mos check up for his lung cancer that he had. But they are blasting him with chemo in hopes that will work. He had his first chemo the day after we all went out to dinner. It took 7 hours. Please keep him in your prayers. His name is Ronnie. Thanks. I'm reading a book by Ken Follett now called "Fall of Giants". I just started. Terry has read it and said it was one of the best books he's ever read and he couldn't put it down. It is "Book One of the Century Trilogy" and book two just came out. Terry has his name one the waiting list for that at the library. There were 35 people ahead of him on the list, but we don't know how many copies of the book they have. They probably have more than one. Ken Follett is also the author of "Pillars of the Earth" if you've read that or heard of that. He's a great author. Only thing is this book I'm reading is a big one, 900 pages and heavy. I'm used to reading out of my nook so this is really different for me. I don't get things on my nook unless they are free so I'm out of luck on this one. Well see you next time. Hugs.

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