Thursday, September 6, 2012

Sept 6th Not too much has been going on. Football season has started with all of our grand kids and our one granddaughter is started with track and field. A couple of other grand son's are back to college, one playing football too. They could all keep us really busy going to games every week if we wanted to, but we are not the type of grandparents that feel we have to go to every single game, plus it is not real comfortable on the back sitting in those stadiums, even using a stadium fold-up seat that we can take along. We do try to get to a few of there games every season especially when their team is doing really well. We don't go when it is really cold though. Can't handle that. Think I told you I got and I pad for my birthday, well I am really enjoying it. I haven't gotten to use it as much as I would like to because I'm reading this book that's a 900 hundred page book and I'm trying to get it finished before it is due at the library. I read book one of it on my nook and this is the follow up book and I'm really in to it, but I'm not that fast of a reader and I've already renewed it once, so I don't want to renew it again and I'm almost finished and I can't wait to get done so I can spend more time with my I pad and really get in to that. I know there is a lot of things it can do that I haven't figured out yet. I'm looking forward to learning as I know I need to learn new things as I can feel my mind slipping and I figured this would be good for me. That's all for now. Sorry I haven't written in a while, but you know how I get. Forgetful. Sorry.

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Lo said...

2First I have to tell you that I read your comment on my blog on my ipad and clicked to publish it and hit delete and now it is gone! It is so good to see you here. Sounds like you have lots of things going on with all those grandchildren. I read my nook books on my ipad most of the time. Bigger screen. I love mine too. Did you know we can do FaceTime and see each other? Kids are the only ones that look good on it though LoL.