Monday, June 4, 2012

Another week gone by and this past week has slowed down to a much nicer pace. Thank goodness, I was getting tired of all that running all the time. Sunday Patti was in a triathlon where she walked, canoed, and biked part of the race and we went to where she finished the race to congratulate her, as for her we think that is quit an accomplishment, especially since she has had 2 knee replacements. We are really proud of her. She's really worked hard to get herself in fit condition to be able to get into this race. In total it was 30 miles. After we congratulated her we stopped over our old neighbors to visit them since we were in the area. They were glad to see us and we talked them into going out to eat with us. It was great to see them and we had a really nice afternoon visiting with them. We've really missed them. We saw our other neighbor last week at one of the graduation parties that we went to and this has really made us miss our other house and our old neighbors especially. We had great neighbors on both sides of our old house and we really do miss them and we've stayed in contact with both of them. I hope we continue to keep in contact in the future.


Lo said...

I just realized I never read this blog!! Forgive me....don't quit blogging. This morning I had breakfast with 20 women I graduated with and it was such fun. Nice to hear you are still finding old friends to visit and eat out with.

The Outback Artist said...

Yours is an interesting blog...I like to read ones from other countries, you write well, keep it up