Wednesday, May 30, 2012

It's been another one of those busy weeks. We've had 3 graduations this past week plus Terry had to go back to the VA also so it's been a busy week. We also celebrated our 46th anniversary too. That was a quiet day and Terry and I just went out by ourselves to dinner and it was quit nice. I happened to mention to our waitress that we were celebrating our anniversary and she brought us a nice hot fudge sundae at the end of our meal. That was so nice of her. This Friday I'm going to a luncheon for the high school class under me and will get to see the girls from that class. Am looking forward to that as I was quit close to some of the girls in that class. They are being inducted into the 50th reunion group as we were last year. They will have a dinner and celebration in the evening of just their class where more of their class will show up. Not all of them attend in the morning for the luncheon. I didn't attend last year but was told I missed a good time so I'm going this year as the class ahead of the class celebrating there 50th is invited. Am looking forward to seeing some of the girls and hoping the ones I'm wanting to see will be there. I know some of my friends from my class are going, so it will be nice what ever. After this luncheon we have nothing on the calendar, and I'm looking forward to doing nothing for awhile and so is Terry. I'm sure things will come up but not so many in a row like all these graduations and parties and things of late. Of course it sure makes us appreciate our nice quiet and peaceful life that we usually have.

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Lo said...

Hi Judy..does sound like you have been busy but a fun kind of busy. The best kind. Good to hear.