Monday, May 21, 2012

Monday May 21, 2012

Happy Monday to you all. What a beautiful day we had yesterday and in the days past couple of days too and today looks to be one too. We ended up going over our son's yesterday at the last moment sort of thing and just ended up sitting out on their patio and it was a very relaxing day. Some of the kids were home and some kept popping in and out during the day. Since they are all getting older now and drive, and have cars available to them they are in and out all the time plus they have jobs too so they are always coming and going, but during the day we ended up seeing all of them some time during the day. It was a nice day and we ended up ordering pizza and it was so good. We took Rosie along and tied her to their fence and had her on about a 30ft long rope they have a really tiny dog that only weighs about 12 pounds and the kids kept trying to get them to like one another but it didn't work. They would get up close to each other and just growl at each other and Rosie would jump back scared to death. The kids kept trying though. They'd keep bringing Rudy up close to Rosie and try to get them to like each other and it never did work. It was funny though. I don't think Rosie enjoyed herself at all. I think she was ready to go when we left. She's been real possessive today and last night she when right to sleep when we got home. We will be busy with graduations this coming weekend and then on the 29th., and our Anniversary is the 28th so we''ll be busy this coming week. Take care all. Hugs and Happy Memorial Day too.

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Lo said...

It sounds like a wonderful visit with family....except of course not for poor Rosie! She really is a baby yet isn't she? I miss having a pet reading about yours. They are so loving. Happy Anniversary early.