Monday, May 14, 2012

May 14, 2012 Not much going on this past week, but I did have a nice and quiet Mothers Day. It was raining all day so we didn't do anything except go to church and after that Terry made me some stuffed french toast and boy was that good. I haven't had any of that in years. Patti stopped over and she gave me 2 really nice knit tops. Very summery looking. She is always telling me to lighten up that my shirts are all to dark, so these are nice and bright. I really like them. My son called and said he has something for me and that the next time we see him he will give it to me. I said that was fine. He wanted us to meet them somewhere for dinner but it was so nasty out we didn't want to go anywhere so we just stayed home and I read all day. It was a nice quiet day and I enjoyed it. Today I am going to run the sweeper and tonight we meet our friends for dinner like we usually do on Monday evenings. That's all for now. Have a good week all. Over and out!!

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Lo said...

A late Happy Mother's Day to you! I had a nice one too. Quiet like yours. My one son and his family came and that was nice. Heard from the other one on the phone. Do you have the hummingbird feeders out?