Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Well Terry was able to get back in and have his hearing aids looked at and they re programed the one ear and the other ear which is the only a speaker was not working and needs to be sent in for repair but they need to send it all in together for repair. So they are ordering him a new hearing aid for his good ear and when he comes in on the 29th for his next appointment they will give him the new one and then take the one he has now and send it with the other piece in for repair. We have come to the conclusion that all the noises that Terry is hearing are things that he has not been hearing for a very long time, just not when he lost his hearing suddenly, and that is why he is having such a hard time adjusting to all the noise. All these noises he's hearing are things he's hearing that he hasn't been hearing for a very long time because his hearing has been going bad and he has been loosing his hearing gradually over the last few years and not hearing all this stuff and now it's all new to him and very loud. Like road noise or noise in a restaurant. We are use to it, but he says it is horribly loud. We think allot of it are things he's going to have to get use hearing and block out just like we do and only listen to what he wants to hear and that is not going to be easy. They say it takes time and work, so we shall see. Not much else going on. Rosie is now over 1 year old and she is still jumping up on us and other people. We are really working on trying to get her to stop but it isn't easy. She gets so excited when someone comes over and we've had so many people give us suggestions on what to do about it, even the vet, so we are not at a loss of how to stop her, but she is still doing it. Patti thinks she is a slow learner. lol When it comes to that I am inclined to believe it. She spends more time on her back legs than any dog I've ever seen. Oh well, we'll just keep working with her and eventually she will catch on. I hope!

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Lo said...

So glad Terry is getting things worked out. It may take a while before all is "just right". Poor Rosie..she just loves people :-) My hummingbirds are back now that I figured out the problem. Thank Heaven!