Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Tuesday July 5th

Well we just got a new puppy, Rosie an 9 wk old English Bulldog. She is such a sweetie. She sure is keeping us hopping. Right now though she is asleep at the foot of my compute chair. We've really missed Winnie since she passed away in May and
decided it was time for another dog and we looked around and finally decided to get another bulldog. She looks so different than Winnie so I think it will be hard to compare them. When we got Winnie she was already 7 mos. old so we didn't get to see her as a puppy and we're looking forward to this puppy stage, all except the potty training stage. I'm already a bit sore from squatting to clean carpet from her mistakes. It seems like we're taking her out an awfully lot but I guess puppies got allot. Well she just woke up so I'd better take her out. Have a good day.

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