Monday, June 13, 2011

June 13th

Things have been going very good. Terry has been feeling really good. The headaches are under control and his stomach isn't bothering him when he watches what he eats and right now he's wearing a 30day heart monitor and he's into his third week and has not had any episodes so is that good or bad. If he doesn't have any of the episodes while he's wearing it, we'll never find out what it was. I think I did tell you that he had a stress test and had no problems and all his blood test came back OK. He has been getting up and walking for about 2-3 miles every other morning for about a month now so maybe he's just built himself up and is now in better shape than he was and that's why he's not having any episodes with his heart fluttering or whatever it was doing. All I know is that he had a couple of times when he almost passed out from it and he's tried to push himself to get it to happen again since he got the monitor on and it hasn't happened. I'm just glad he's feeling so much better than he was. He's like a different person.

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