Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Tuesday March 1st

Yes, I forgot to post yesterday. I'm trying to think if I even got on the computer yesterday, but yes I think I did but only for a short time. It seems like I'm getting on the computer for less and less time lately. I get on to check my e-mails and then got to Facebook and see what is going on and what everyone has to say and then I get off. Sometimes but not very often I play some games on facebook, but only to keep my mind going, otherwise I find things to do around the house or read a book or something. I don't watch TV till around 4:00 unless it's the noon news.

Not much went on this past week. In fact I can't think of a thing we did, oh, I did go visit my ladies at the nursing home and I visited an extra lady. She is the aunt of an old friend of mine that is at the same nursing home that I go to, so I stopped to see her while I was there to. It seem to make her day and my old friend sent me a note on facebook telling she appreciated it, so I'm glad I stopped to see her. I usually try to go once a month to visit these ladies. My old neighbor from years ago is one of them and the other 2 are women from our church. I think they enjoy my visits, anyway I hope they do. I enjoy visiting them.

Well see you next week.

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