Monday, February 14, 2011

Monday Februaru 14th

Here I sit with my dog by my side and my hubby down in the basement putting bars up on the window so no one can ever get into our basement through the window and how much nicer could life be. We already went out just the two of us for Valentine's day and now we're going to go out to Olive Garden for and early dinner, late lunch at 3:00pm to so we can take our friend with us that just had surgery on her breast and has to be back home by 5;00pm as a nurse is coming to change her dressing. So we're going to pick her up and get her back home in time.

Not much of anything going on. Glad to see it getting warmer outside. Just hope it stays that way. No more snow please. I've had enough of that please. Would love to get my car washed now that the temperature is finally above freezing a bit and might stay there a few daus. It's really dirty and I hate having a new car and having it that dirty. Maybe I can do that today. We'll see. Happy Valentine's day all.

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