Monday, December 6, 2010

Monday Dec 6th

Here it is Monday again and I really don't have much to tell you you. We have been in the house where it's been nice and warm since it turned cold. We did go out to dinner on Friday evening with my sister and brother and their spouse's. We went to Smokey Bones and everyone's meal was great and then we came back to our house for dessert where I had made a cherry pie. So we had cherry pie with ice cream and coffee. It was a very nice evening. We usually get together every year around the holidays to see each other and we usually do it early in the month so we don't get lost in the holiday goings on. Other than that we haven't been doing anything other than going to Mass on Sunday. Tonight we are going out with our usual group of friends and they are coming back to our house for dessert also. Sort of a little extra Christmas get together too. Tonight we're just having cookies and ice cream, no pie. Well that's about it for today's blog. Hope your all staying warm. I've had to get out my flannel PJ's and I'm using my heated throw at night while I'm watching TV to keep me warm, so I'm staying warm. Hope you are too!!! Hugs.

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