Monday, November 29, 2010

Monday November 28th

Well here it is Monday again. Our Thanksgiving was really nice but it was very exhausting. I was doing really good and all of sudden it was like I hit a brick wall and I had to sit down. Thank goodness my daughter was there and she did most of the cleaning up with the help of the kids bringing all the dishes over to her. The basement is finally finished too and that really made it nice for the kids too. Terry has got a big screen TV down there and a Play Station for them to play and they were also having Checkers tournaments and they really enjoyed themselves down there. It was all worth his hard work down there and it made it nice up stairs. Not so crowded is our little space up stairs.

Grandson Jake came over yesterday and helped Terry wire up some more of the electrical stuff. We have some old record players with the old big 78 records that we'd like to hook up and some other stuff too and he's pretty knowledgeable about all this stuff and he got it all hooked up for us last night. Terry is pretty excited that he was able to get it all fixed up. I have a feeling he'll be spending allot of time down there listening to music and watching TV down there, watching movies I don't like to watch. That's OK with me, then I can watch more of the chick things that I like to watch up stairs. Have a good day all.

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