Monday, November 1, 2010

Monday November 1st

Can't believe it's already November. That means it could snow and that's a bad, bad, word. Not ready for snow.

We had fun last night on Halloween. We went over our neighbor's again and we all sat around a campfire and lined up all our bowl's of candy for kiddies to crab from and we sat and chatted and had fun with the kiddies and ourselves. Terry made us some Apple Cider with rum and cinnamon and other spices in it and warmed it up cause it really got cold out there. I was freezing. I almost didn't last the two hours. But I did, but I went home as soon as the two hours was over as I was too cold.

Today we got up early and went to mass for All Saints day and then we went out to breakfast and then went to the grocery and I've working on the computer and bills the rest of the day. I was hoping to get out and go for a walk but I was too tired by the time I got finished so I guess I'll try to do that tomorrow. I've been having trouble getting my check book to match the statement from the bank, so I finally gave up. Hugs to all.

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