Monday, October 25, 2010

Monday October 25th

Not much going on again and not much to say. We didn't do much last week and did nothing over the weekend. The only thing we did do was when we went out to dinner on Monday night with our usual group. We all met at our place and then all got in our van and went down to General Butler State Park, which is about an hour's drive south of us and we all had dinner down at their State Lodge. It was a nice drive and a nice dinner. Tonight we are all getting together again and going Chinese. There is usually 3 couples and 1 single who's husband passed away last year and we make sure she keeps coming with us each Monday. We enjoy her company and she's allot of fun too. It won't be long and the one couple will be leaving to go back to Florida for the winter. They have a small place down in Ft. Meyer's where they stay every winter, then we will only be the 5 of us, but we will still go every Monday. One Monday on our side of the river and the next Monday on their side of the river. Sometimes that's the only time we go out for the week, and I think last week that was our only night out.

We did do some walking done by the river at the walking track and when we didn't do that I walked the neighborhood. This is great walking weather. I dread when it gets really too cold to walk outside. Have a nice week all.

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