Monday, October 18, 2010

Monday October 18th

Last week one day it was just too nice to stay home so we drove down to Ft. Knox, KY, and saw the George Patton museum which was very interesting. They were in process of moving things all around, so we didn't get to see some parts of it. They have a movie which we didn't get to see, but we've both seen the movie about Patton but it probably would have been a documentary. Anyway we both enjoyed what we did get to see. They had allot of old World War I stuff including his old car and uniforms and weapons and much more, really interesting things. The ride down and back was beautiful with the trees turning all the different colors made it really nice and of course we stopped and ate dinner someplace nice too, so that made my day.

Friday night we went to one of the grandsons football games and it was terrible. They got clobbered. It was really bad. Something like 45 to 6. But at least we were there and showed our support. The rest of the weekend we did nothing.

My leg brace is working out real well. Terry even made me a heavy leather inner sole so that I can wear it with almost all my shoes and that makes it nice. I've even been walking the neighborhood again which makes me really happy. I can even walk and look around a bit and not be totally looking down like I use to have to do so it must be working. It's making me pick up my foot. I still use my cane as my balance is still off but at least it's doing what it's supposed to do. I can't ask for miracles.

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