Monday, September 13, 2010

Monday September 13th

Not much going on. My son turned 43 yesterday and that made me feel old, oh well I guess we are getting there. Anyway, Terry is gone up to see his cousin in Pennsylvania for a few days. He had been wanting to go and Alan wasn't doing well so he didn't go and then he called and said he was doing better so Terry went. But he called me last night and now he is having some sort of breathing problem and they ended up taking him to the hospital, so I don't know if thay will keep him or what. If that do, Terry will be coming home. He has other cousins up there that will watch over him. Meanwhile back here I have been doing just little things like going to a football game and an open house for a friend that just moved into a new place and tonight am going out to dinner with a friend. Tomorrow Patti is off for the day so she is going to take me up to the YMCA and show me around and we'll go swimming and then from then on I be able to go on my own cause I'll know where things are.

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