Monday, September 20, 2010

Monday Sept 20th

Here it is Monday again and since my family has banned me from walking outside I have pushed myself to go to the YMCA twice last week. The first time I went , Patti went with me to show me where everything was. She is off on Tuesday's and will go with me every Tuesday, which will make me go. I love being in the pool but I hate getting out and using there shower's. Their shower's are not near as nice as the one's we had up at the Lebanon YMCA. This one you have to take your shower and then come out and get dressed in front of everyone. I don't like that. I was proud of myself for going the second time on my own though. I need to push myself more to exercise more weather it be here at home or to go to the Y more. I did pull a muscle in my side by my waist and it really hurts but I hope it just needs to be loosen up a bit and it will feel better the next time I get in the pool. Nothing else going on. Hugs.

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