Monday, August 30, 2010

Monday August 30th

We've been pretty busy lately. We finally got new furniture for our living room after more than 20 years. We moved our old stuff downstairs as it's still got plenty of use in it. Our new stuff is brown leather. A big sofa with two recliners on each end and a big recliner chair for Terry too. We still have one chair that needs to be moved downstairs but the basement isn't completely finished yet so there's no room for it yet. Once it goes downstairs we'll have more room in the living room, which is not that big because as it's all attached to the dining room and kitchen. It's all on big open space.

We also attended at football game on Friday and a 90th birthday party on Saturday and on Sunday we had the kids over for breakfast after church and then in the evening we went over our son's for dinner to celebrate all the birthdays in August and September. That was fun, we hadn't seen them in awhile. Then on Monday I finally felt motivated to go to the Y so my daughter said she'd go with me, so we went up and I renewed my membership and would you believe the swimming pool was closed till next Tuesday for cleaning. By next Tuesday Patti will be starting her new job and I don't know if I will have the motivation to go by myself. Time will tell. I've got to do something to get this 5 pounds off that I've gained, and since my family won't let me walk outside anymore since I fall too much, I've got to do something. Well tomorrow I think I'm going to do nothing as I'm really bushed. Hope you have a good week. Hugs.

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