Monday, August 2, 2010

Monday August 2

We had a great weekend. Went up to Mansfield, Ohio for a get together with my online MS Buddies and had a great time. I hadn't seen some of them since 2003 so it was really great to see them and catch up and it was great meeting some that I hadn't meet before. It's always nice putting a face with someone you've talked to online all the time. We had a good time. We drove the Mustang and it was really pretty comfortable. This it first trip we've taken with it. Anyway, we really enjoyed seeing every one and seeing how they've changed and just catching up with them on things and seeing them in person for a change. It was great, we really enjoyed it.

Sunday we went to church and then did nothing for the rest of the day. Just plain played lazy all day. It was nice. Hugs.

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