Monday, July 26, 2010

Monday July 26

Here I am, I'm remembering. Last week we took 5 of the grand kids down to the Omnimax theater to see the "Legends of Flight" and then we all went and had pizza afterwards. The week before we took one of the grandson's and went and saw the "Great Lakes" down there and it was good too but not quit as good as the one about flight. It was more interesting. Anyway, I think they all had a good time seeing the movie and I know they had a good time with each other. They always have fun interacting with their cousins.

Saturday our son and his wife finally had a graduation party on Alex who graduated from high school this past June. It was a last minute decision as they had an open Saturday and figured they better get on with having it before he starts college. lol. It turned out very nice, but it sure was a hot evening, thank goodness for the breeze. It was fun watching all the kids young and old playing corn hole. The food was great and the company was good too. We had a very nice time.

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