Monday, August 16, 2010

Monday August 16th

I had a birthday in the past week and am I getting old. But I don't want to think of the alternative, so I'm very happy and I had a very nice birthday. On my birthday Terry and I went up to the actual Ester Price Candy store and bought some boxes of candy and then went out to "Outback" for dinner. Just the two of us. I had a coupon, so one of our dinner's was free and then I got their dessert that I love so much "thunder from down under." It's a yummy brownie with ice cream and fudge and a cherry and whip cream on top and boy is it good. On Sunday Patti and the family came over and we grilled out, and had corn on the cob, and Patti made me a cake and that was really nice too. It's always nice when we get together with family. So I had a great weekend and a great birthday. Hugs.

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