Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Wednesday July 21st

Guess I forgot again on Monday so here I am on Wednesday. Can't even remember if we did anything special over this past weekend. I don't thing so. Monday evening we went out with our friends that we usually go out with and on Tuesday evening I talked Terry into going to Larosa's for their spaghetti a plenty where you get a salad and all the spaghetti you can eat for 4.99. Well when we came out, we had a flat tire, and I mean flat. Well Terry started to change it and some nice younger fella that was going in came over and offered to help. Well he did the whole thing for Terry and was Terry every glad as his back was really really hurting him bad. So he told the guy that he was and angel from God and thanked him very much. We had to put on one of those little dohnut tires and when we got home we checked the tire to see if it could be fixed and realized how dry rooted it was and then checked all the other ones too and they all looked bad, so now we have to buy all new tires for the car. This is for the Mustang that we bought not to long ago. The tires looked fine at first glance but at farther inspection you can see where they are all dry rotted from being in the sun and not being used. We knew the car had not been used for quite a few months. So I've been calling all around trying to find the cheapest price on these tires which are quite big and we have an appointment to get some tomorrow. Isn't it always something.

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