Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Well I forgot again to write in this blog on Monday so here I am again writing on Tuesday, and once again I have nothing much to write about. We really live a boring life I guess. Today I'm in the process of changing bed clothes and I going to hard boil some eggs and make a cherry pie. Tonight Patti and I might go and watch some of my old friends that are still playing softball, play. These are are some of the girls or I guess I should say woman that I used to play softball with and one of the girls that Patti used to play with too. I can't believe that they are still playing. And they are still winning and beating girls half their age. That just shows you how good we always were years ago and they are still good. Anyway it should be fun seeing them all and probably going to the local beer and sandwich place afterwards with them all and talking over old times. I played softball till I was in my late 40's and until I kept falling all the time and that's when I discovered I had MS and had to quit playing. I always love softball and all the fun times that came with it. I still miss it, so I'm looking forward to being able to go tonight. I just hope my daughter Patti can go, cause I won't go without her. Hugs.

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