Tuesday, May 4, 2010


We had us a busy weekend so busy that I was worn out. First on Friday we met some dear friends who spent the winter in Florida for a late lunch and that was nice since we hadn't seen them since before Christmas and we had allot to catch up on. Then on Saturday just by chance we ended up going out to dinner with our son and some of his family which was totally unexpectedly but a very nice surprise. Michael had stopped over in the afternoon and then went home and got more of the family and came back and met us for dinner. Afterwards they stopped over the house and Patti and Greg even stopped over. So that made for and even more surprising evening. Oh I forgot to tell you that Terry's cousin Alan is also here from Florida and is staying with us for about a week too. So it's nice that he got to see all of them. That's probably why they all came over. Then on Sunday we had Patti and her family over for dinner. Well by the time I had all the dinner dishes cleaned up I was totally exhausted. I said good night and went in the bedroom and got my pj's on and watched TV until I fell asleep which was after the news was over. I had to watch my shows, but at least I was laying down doing it. That weekend wore me out totally. I'm not use to all that goings on. Hugs.

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