Monday, April 26, 2010

Monday April 26th

Another week has past and not much to tell. I took Winnie to the Vet and she got her check up and yearly shots and she's A OK. The Vet said she is the bet looking English Bulldog he's seen. Her weight is right on and she's got a nice shape with a waist she just really looks good even her teeth look good and that's from Terry brushing them. Winnie is so good about letting him do that too and the Vet said good dental work can add 2 years of life to a dogs life, so we're going to make sure we keep that up. Anyway is was nice to hear a Vet tell us our dog was a good specimen . Other than that we didn't do much this past week as Terry wasn't feeling well. His stomach was bothering him. His diverticulitis was bothering him. Bothering him to the point that he had me call the doctor and the doc sent to RX's but it took almost 3 day's before he started feeling better that then he felt like he was going to loose he cookies. He's finally feeling pretty good now. He sure has to watch what he eats though. This sure has come up on him this past year or so. Well that's about it. See ya next week. Hugs.

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