Monday, April 19, 2010

Monday April 19 Weeekly Post

.Not much going on and not much to tell about. We really haven't been doing much. Went to the doctor the other day about a sore on my leg that I've had for two months that doesn't seem to want to go away. He said I need to wash it with something like Dawn every day and then put antibiotic cream on it. I would never have thought of washing it. I've been putting the antibiotic cream on it and keeping it clean but not with soap and water, just with water. I've had this stupid sore for over two month and it's all red so I thought I'd better finally go get it checked out. I've been embarrassed to wear capris and shorts. I also have a lump on my leg which he said was a hematoma that had calcified and that it will go away, but it will take a long time. So I'm still a mess and will be for awhile.

Terry is still working on the basement. He's putting the tile down on the floor and it's starting to look really nice, but it's slow going, because he gets tired and hurting and has to quit. But what he has done really looks nice. We're beginning to be able to see and end in sight and that sure is nice. Well that's all for today. Hugs.

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