Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Not much going on lately, that's why I haven't blogged. Terry has been working on the basement and he's making amazing progress. The dry wall is all finished and ready for painting which he's been doing. The walls are mostly painted and the ceilingis finished and now he's working on the doors and doorways and the light fixtures and putting on the little things like electric plate covers and making door plate sills and once all of that is done we are going to lay ceramic tile down on the floor. I can help with that. I can hand him the tile. whop ee !! Then we will be pretty well be finished. That's hard to believe. I'm sure I'm letting something out and that there must be something I'm missing. Oh yes he has to get another railing as I have a hard time with just one railing. I do much better with two railings going down the steps.. I'm still slow, but at least I can go up and down with two railings, so he's going to put another one for me. I'm sure there will be other things like decorating and stuff. That will be the fun part though. Well that's what's been going on in our life's. Hugs to all.

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