Monday, March 29, 2010


Not much going on lately. We've been having so much rain, but on the nice days I have been getting out and going for a walk and getting that in. I've been noticing that my legs, especially my right leg is not a strong as it was last year and I know it's from lack of exercise. I didn't do much during the winter, so now I'm having to build them up again. I just hope I can. My right one is pretty wobbly especially on hills and steps. It's a bit scary. Something else that's a bit scary is that I've noticed that I'm not remembering things like I should. Terry and the kids have all noticed it and have mentioned it to me. Now that is really scary as my Dad had Alzheimer's and I guess it's repeating it's self in me. The next time I go to the doctor, we are going to talk to him about it. Meanwhile I'm going to work some games that they have on AARP to help with memory and do some sudoku games too. Those are very hard for me. The other thing I'm worried about is Terry. His stomach is still bothering him. His diverticulitis is flaring up again, but he won't go to the doctor till after Easter. So I guess after Easter we'll both go. See you next Monday. Hugs.

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