Monday, February 15, 2010


Snow, snow, snow. I sure wish I was a kid again. I'd be loving this. I'd be loving this as an adult too if I could go out in it and not fall down, but my balance problems would not let me stay up for long and I be down on my butt. Thank goodness we have Patti and Greg to shovel our snow as Terry and I can't do. The only part we do anyway is the part on the driveway where our van goes in and out. Terry doesn't drive the truck in the cold weather. It's a only driven in warm weather. The check engine light comes on and he's tried to fix it and get it fixed and can't so he only drives it in warmer weather.

We had a nice Valentines day. Terry took me out to my favorite place for dinner. We also went to see one of the grand kids play basketball. It was a nice day. I'm glad it was yesterday and not today with all the snow. Today I'm going to work on updating my picture collage. I tried last week and we needed new ink cartridge. We got it and now I'm all ready to go and make it with the new updated pictures, so I'm anxious to update them. I'm also having a big sirloin tip roast for dinner and Patti and family are coming over for dinner. Hugs.

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