Monday, February 8, 2010


Well we have 8" of snow on the ground now and we're supposed to get that much or more tonight and tomorrow. Isn't that just dandy. I have to admit that when you ride around which you can as the roads are cleared, it is beautiful out. It's like a winter wonder land with snow all over the trees and all. Its really a sight to behold. But I'm afraid when we get more snow the branches won't be able to hold the weight of all the snow and we're going to have big problem with breaking branches falling on electric wires. Time will tell.

Saturday night we had a dinner party for Patti for her birthday and invited some of our neighbors also. It was so much fun. We had too many people to fit a our dinning room table as we didn't open it up so we had the kids sit on stools around the island cabinets which worked out just fine. We had more fun and then around 10 pm those that wanted to. went over the one neighbors to watch the fights like they usually do once a month. I stayed home like I always do and cleaned up and went to be and read. All and all it was a great evening. On Sunday we stayed home and had chili and watched the Super Bowl. The End. Hugs.

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