Friday, January 15, 2010


Last few days have been busy. On Wednesday I met with two of my girlfriends that I went all through grade school and high school with for for lunch. It was so nice and we really had a fun day. It had been awhile since we'd seen each other and with just the three of us it made talking so much easier than when we've met with a larger group. The one friend has a hearing problem so she finds it much better to met with a smaller group. This same friend has lost her husband in the past year and we have been wanting to get together since he died. She dated him in high school and we all knew him as he went to our same grade school, so we all knew him pretty well. We've lost a couple of good friends this past year. It makes you realize that we are getting older and I guess we have to expect such things, but and that's I big but I don't like it.
Thursday Terry and I both went to the doctor. He is still having problems with his back but not quite as bad as before. But a little manipulaption might help plus he had some little spots of cancer that needed to be burned off. I needed to talk to him about my back and also about my shoulder and a few other things. Thank goodness my shoulder is not rotary cuff. I was worried I'd need surgery like Terry had and and I wasn't ready for that. But he checked it and say it wasn't. I must have just banged it up a few to many times when I loose my balance and fell and also when I bump into the wall, especially the cornors, which I do pretty often. Terry keeps telling me to slow down and I don't realize I'm going fast. To me I'm not. Just my normal walk down the hall. Oh well.
Today we had no plans and got a call from our old neighbors about 10am saying that they were off work today and could we meet them for lunch, so we did. That ended up turning out great. We have been trying to get together for some time now and every time we tried someone of us was sick, but today we made it. Met them at 1 and sat there till 4:30 talking. We really miss them. Sometimes I wish we hadn't moved because of them. We love those folks. Well I've gone on enough for today. Hugs.

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