Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Wednesday Evening

Seems like it's been very busy lately. One day last week I went shopping at a new outlet mall with my very old friend that I grew up with since I was five years old. She was my next door neighbor and we've stayed friends ever since and she just retired so now we can start doing things during the day. She and her hubby are coming over this weekend for dinner also. Last Friday we went over to Ohio to our grand kids grade school over there for grandparents day. They first had Mass and then we went to each of the grand kids class rooms and meet their teachers and saw some of their school work. It was very nice. That night we went to the Elder football game. That was a very disappointing evening and a very cold evening. They lost to a team that they never should have lost to They just couldn't get it going when they needed to and they lost. Then Saturday we had the wedding of our neighbor from our old neighborhood that Patti grew up with and Patti was in the wedding. In fact all the girls in the wedding were girls that Patti grew up with. The girl that got married had never been married before and all the girls have stayed friends and it was really a fun wedding to go to and see all the girls and their parents too and talk and laugh about the good old days and all the things the girls use to get into and all. All the girls looked beautiful and so did the bride and it was a very nice wedding. Tuesday we went out to dinner with our friends and afterwards they came over our house for dessert and Terry worked on one of the fellows guns for him. Today we spent the day with Terry's old buddy that was in town from Texas. He comes in once a year and we usually spend the day with him and his wife. This is a guy that was Terry's neighbor when he grew up and they have stayed friends over the years and we see him every year when he comes home. We had a nice day with them. Tomorrow we have nothing planned. Sure sounds good to me.

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