Monday, September 21, 2009


Everyone is finally feeling pretty good, thank goodness. Now if we can just keep them feeling that way we'll be OK. Since Terry hasn't been feeling well we've haven't been doing much of anything. We didn't end of going to the football game on Friday night because he wasn't feeling well and he was pretty much laying around all weekend, but he's finally feeling better today. I've really kept my distance so I'm hoping I don't get anything. It's been rainy yesterday and today is sort of dreary. I see that nobody is writing much on their blogs lately, not even Lois.
Katie hasn't written since Father's Day and Diane is too busy with the new house and all and even Yo isn't writing much either. Are we all getting bored with it all or what? I know I just don't have much to talk about and when I do I feel like it's boring just telling you all that I'm doing this or that or going here or there. So I just don't write much. I still get on to see if Lois has written anything and keep in contact with her and I keep in contact mostly on Facebook more that on here. So I'll see you on there. Hugs.

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