Friday, October 9, 2009


Well all it's done here in the past day is rain and it's still rainy and they say we're going to get more. Great night for a football game. We're trying to get rid of our tickets. I really don't feel like going and sitting in the cold rain or damp weather, so our son Michael is trying to see if he can sell our tickets. I hope he can. Then we might go to our old neighbors for a birthday party on his Mom. That would be much warmer and much more fun anyway. But tomorrow morning we're going to two of our grandson's flag football game. They play early in the morning so we usually miss it but we told they we'd come tomorrow, so I hope it's still not raining. Tomorrow night my dearest and oldest friend and her hubby are coming over for dinner. This is Laverne who was my next door neighbor growing up. She just retired too, so I'm hoping that now maybe she and I can may start doing some things during the day together once in awhile. Anyway I'm sure the evening will be a nice evening and then Sunday we have nothing planned. Probably watch football and relax. Sounds good to me. Have a nice weekend all. Hugs.

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