Saturday, September 12, 2009


Picture above is of the Grand Tetons, one of the falls. Every place we saw was prettier than the next on the whole trip.

I thought once we got home we'd be able to rest but it's been go, go, go since we got home too. I knew we had some things planed but some things came up unexpectedly. When I called one of my friends from grade school and high school to see if she was going to be able to make our luncheon we had planned her daughter told me she had passed away. That was a shocker. We didn't even know she was having problems again. She had cancer 3 years ago and apparently it came back and she hid it and her pain and all from her friends and family right till the end and then had to be put in hospice. That was a very sad funeral to go too and very unexpected. We've had two lunch dates and two football games, a graduation party, and a 40th birthday party and it just seems like since we got home it hasn't stopped. I'm hoping next week we can slow down. It sure is starting to catch up to me and I'm wearing down. I feel like one of those wind up dolls and I'm winding down fast. Hugs.

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