Friday, August 21, 2009


Well we leave on our trip out west next Wednesday and Terry's back is still hurting very much. The last two days he really hasn't done too much of anything. We did go downtown this morning and sign our wills and stuff and then come home and he's basically been down ever since. He's let Patti and Greg cut the grass again this week too. I'm really starting to worry, well I have been worrying, but I'm scared he won't be better by the time we leave and he's going to have a miserable time on vacation. He'll have to live on pain pill's the whole time we're gone and I'd really hate to see that. Train rides and bus rides and boat rides and all the walking we're going to be doing sure isn't going to help him any. He's going to be miserable. Maybe we can get to the doctor on Monday and he and get another shot. I'll have to call them and see. Please keep him in your prayers. Thanks all. Hugs.

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