Friday, June 26, 2009


What a day we had yesterday. Got up and were running the entire day. Would you believe we're finally going to get a "will". We've kept saying for years that we need to get one. Every year we'd say on new years day that this year were going to get a will and then we'd never get one. Well our son finally got us moving by introducing us to a friend of his from college who is a lawyer yesterday, and that got us going. We met with the lawyer, and also with Michael and got things started. He's now going to take care of it and then send it to us, also with a living trust, and another document too and then we have to check them over and then meet with him once again and then believe it or not, we'll have a will. He had sent us by e-mail some forms to fill out before hand and we had, or I should say Terry had spent the day before filling them out so he have most of the information that he needed when we got there on that. It makes me feel good that we finally have that done. After we did that we took Michael to lunch and then after that we did some running around to some banks to have some of our accounts and put them in the proper names like the lawyer told us they should be. That took us the rest of the day. We got home about 4:30, feed Winnie and had to leave as we were supposed to meet some friends for dinner at 5:30. I really was not hungry so I just had a house salad. That's when all the rain started, while were eating. Wow did it start!!! Then on our way home it started hailing like golf balls!! we finally pulled into a Krogers and pulled under their bank tellers shelters for cover and we weren't alone. It was really coming down. Finally it let up and we headed home and there were flooded areas every where and when we got home Terry checked the van and we have dents all over the top of the hood and the top of the van from the hail. Just what one wants is a few more dents in ones van. Then over night we got more rain and it thundered and lightning and kept me awake most of the night and Winnie was scared to death too. Today is another hot day but not quit so humid, so that's good. Hugs.

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