Monday, June 22, 2009


Good Morning! We had a great weekend. First we had the wedding on Saturday which was hot but it was beautiful and we had a wonderful time. The brides father is a minister so he said the wedding which made it extra special. The reception was at a country club and there was an hour of appetizers outside under a canopy first, thank goodness for a breeze, and then we went inside for dinner and afterwards the reception and dancing. It was lots of fun and Terry and I actually got up and danced. He had to hold me up a bit, but it was nice. It had been a long time since we had danced. It was a very nice evening.

Fathers day was great too. Patti had us over and she had her in-law's too and also Greg's brother and his kid's and I knew she had invited Michale and Kim (our son and family) but I wasn't sure they were coming, and they did, so that made the day so much more fun. It was a really special day. Greg's brother plays the accordion and he got that out after dinner and started playing some good old tunes and we were singing and having a grand old time. It was just great. It's one of those day you"ll remember for a long time with all your family there and just having a grand ole time. Things couldn't have been better. It was a wonderful Fathers Day for all the dad there. One of the grand kids, Andrew who has been wanting to go shooting with Terry ended up spending the night and he and Terry are gone shooting today. When they get home they will clean the guns and then we will treat him to dinner somewhere and then take him home across the rive to Ohio. By the time we get back home Terry will be ready for bed probably as it will have been a long day for him, but a rewarding one, spending time with a grandchild. He always loves teaching them his favorite sport. Hugs.

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