Monday, June 29, 2009


Spent the weekend watching a baseball tournament. Came down to the final game and it was a good one but they lost and came in second place. It was Patti's youngest son Adam who was picked up and asked to play in the tournament. None of her kids played summer baseball but he was called and asked to play just in this tourney and it was fun watching just the finals. It has been too hot all week to watch them play but since they made it to the finals we went and watched. Sure felt good when we came home to take a shower and then sit in a comfortable chair and relax.
Tonight our friends are home from California so we will get to see them. We've missed them. There daughter is doing better but they still don't have any final diagnosis on her.
Tomorrow we are going out to see our friends that live out in the country and spend the day with them. Terry and the hubby will probably shoot most of the day and the wife and I will find something to do I'm sure. They have about 30 acres and a country home that they build back in the woods. Got away from the city about 8 years ago. They live there and in the winter they have a trailer that take and go to Florida for 4 months. Nice life, and they always have their grand kids somewhere close by, even when they go to Florida they fly down sometimes. Also very active in their church too. Great folks and good friends. Husband used to be a policeman when Terry was, so we've known them a long time. Most of our friends are from Terry's police years. Well, I guess, I'd better get off her and get out of my PJ's. Hugs.

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