Saturday, June 13, 2009


Well you asked for it and here it is, a picture of me with my short hair cut. I'm back to my old hair style sort of, and it's so easy to take care of and I love it. I'm keeping it short at least for the rest of the summer, we'll see what happens when it gets colder cause then I might want some hair on the back of my neck to keep me warm.

Nothing planed for today. Terry is out cutting the grass and when I get finished here I will probably take a walk. Tomorrow we are going over my brothers for a cook out. My sister will also be there. I think my brother is getting sentimental in his older years. My parents anniversary would be next week on the 16th and I'm thinking Mother and Dad would love seeing the three couples getting together. Anyway, I guess it will be nice. Have a nice weekend all. Hugs.

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