Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Wednesday Evening

Last two days have been pretty busy. Yesterday I went to lunch with some ladies from church. I then took one of the ladies home and then stopped at the nursing home to say hello to one of my ladies I haven't seen since before we went to Florida. It was nice to see her. Then last night we went out to dinner with the one couple's we usually go out with on Monday nights. The other couple is in California with their daughter who had and accident and has a blood clot at the top of her spine. She feels fine, except she has no feeling in her right arm and hand and they are getting a second MRI this week and going back to the Dr. then to see if it's grown or what. Please keep her in your prayers.

Today I went and had my hair colored and cut and then my hubby thought I looked so cute he again took me out to dinner for pizza which he knows is my favorite. Wasn't that sweet!! Tomorrow I think I'd better cook and clean. Hugs.

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