Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Sunday we went over my brothers for what was supposed to be a cook out but it got rained out big time so we had dinner inside. We had a really good time and the dinner was great. One of my favorite meals. Beef tips and noodles with strawberry pie for dessert. Um um good. It was great seeing my brother and sister together, it's been awhile and maybe we should try doing it more often now that we're getting older. Well, maybe, we'll see.

Monday I did laundry, really exiting, right, but I got side tracked doing something. I can't tell you what it was, but I still haven't folded it and I'm going to do that today, as yesterday, I was going to do it and Terry went shooting and I thought since he was gone, what a great opportunity for me to go visit my ladies at the nursing home, so that's what I did yesterday, so it didn't get folded then. Then, when we both got home, we went out to dinner with our friends that we usually do on Tuesday. So today I'm finally going to fold laundry after I fluff it up first.
I will also do some other cleaning and dusting and little stuff hear and there and probably take a walk. Oh, and I almost forget to tell you we're going to join the YMCA. We found out that we can join for free thru our health insurance thru a program call Silver Sneakers for seniors. That's something I heard about when we were over my brothers. He sells health insurance so he happened to mention it and my sister belongs to Curves through that program and I could join that too if I wanted to also, but I'd rather join the Y so both Terry and I could go, plus I can't wait to go swimming. They have a big outdoor pool and I'm sure the kids will love going with me as my guest this summer.

Also I'm praying for peace in Iran. I pray the protests end peacefully.

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