Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Wednesday Evening

Went to the Doctor today about my knee. The one I fell back on and hyper extended and ended up sitting back on. Well he gave me a shoot in it, (Ouch) and told me to ice it every evening before I go to bed and if it's not better in 2 weeks then he wants me to get and MRI. So hopefully it will feel better. He also is upping my medication to help with a nerve that I have a problem with in my backside. I sure hope that helps as it's driving me nuts.
Tomorrow Patti has her knee surgery and also my brother in law is having surgery tomorrow too. He is having a spot removed off his lung. Also Alan is back in the hospital. Apparently the chemo has hit him hard and he hasn't been able to handle it again so please keep them all in your prayers.
Time to go watch American Idol. Hugs.

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