Friday, May 15, 2009


Here is a picture of my Iris that I think are so pretty. Back behind them are the peonies that have buds on them and will be blooming shortly. I've already cut back the daffodils and the knockout roses also have buds on them and there are also some day lilies one on each side that will bloom almost all summer. I've put up my Humming bird feeder but so far I haven't seen any but I've really been too busy and haven't really been watching much. Last night we went to see Patti's oldest son Jared get Confirmed by the Bishop. It was a beautiful ceremony. Jared was all dressed up with a dress shirt and tie,dress pants, and dress shoes, and looked so grown up. He's so big anyway and with him so dressed up he just looked like a full grown man and he's only 14 and he's almost as tall as Terry, well almost. Our Bishop is so great and makes the ceremony so special for the kids by getting them involved and talking to them and he is so down to earth. God has blessed us with him, I'm sure. He and our pastor are both so great, we just love them both and feel so blessed to have them as our Bishop and Pastor. Well I guess I'd better get to work and get something done around here. I need to run the sweeper, so have a nice weekend everyone. Hugs.

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