Tuesday, March 31, 2009


This morning I planted my pansies that we got at Home Depot a few days ago. Then I ran an errand for my daughter. She's got a bum knee again and she needed her pain medication, so I ran it up to where she works. She going to get and MRI to see what's wrong with it, and she will probably need surgery. It's her good knee, not her knee replacement knee. Her and her knees. She just can't seem to stay away from twisting and turning them. Well I should talk. My knee has been bothering me ever since one of the falls that I took. I keep hoping the exercises that I'm doing will help but it's still bothering me. I remember the exercises that I had to do when I had surgery years ago so I've been doing some of them hoping it will help. Oh well, maybe we should both have surgery together. lol. Anyway I started my laundry and while that is being done I'm working on my bills for the month. Terry is out cutting the lawn, well part of it anyway.
Yesterday we went to the doctor to get the results of his MRI and we got pretty good news. Terry has tendinitis on his elbow and a partially torn tendon that will heal in time with therapy and tender care, but at least he doesn't need more surgery. We were afraid he was going to need more surgery, that the tendon was completely torn. So I guess he's lucky. After the doctor visit we went over to Cincinnati to visit our retired friends and then went shopping with them and out to dinner with them also. We had a fun time with them as usual.
Well I guess I'd better get back to paying our bills. Have a great day all. Hugs.

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